Too much keeps happening before I get a chance to write about it. Hell, it happens before I get a chance to breathe. Emotional whip lash… I has it.

I’m going to start out by saying that I hate it when Cal is right. HATE it. Because he usually is. It’s a 90 to 10 ratio of right to wrong usually, but dammit when he’s right he’s dead on. UGH. And it will be on stuff he mentioned months ago that rears it’s ugly head and I just sigh and grumble about him being right.. Again. Rawr

What was he right about this time? Something I have been vehemently against for the longest time. Being topped by a woman. I went though a bisexual phase in college when I was in a pretty damn abusive relationship, and after a while began to recognize that when I am attracted to women I am usually in an unhealthy place with men. Sure, I can appreciate a beautiful woman when I’m in a healthy mindset.. But all the times I had gone after women I was a mess. I was also an ass hole. I would sleep with them and never call again, ignore their texts after leading them on, etc…
Bad pixie, bad.

I also almost always called the shots, which is the polar opposite of how I am with men. Any time a woman has tried to dominate me instead of naturally submitting I would fight the urge to rise to the challenge. To argue to push. I HATED the thought of being topped by the woman, especially after clashing with Cal’s partner. That was also within the confines of a very different relationship though…

Anyway, I was at the Citadel for my usual Friday night romp. I played with needles for the first time (Oh sweet heavenly Mother YES) along with a Violet Wand (see my reaction to needles…), and as I mentally updated my fetish I slipped to the other side of the dungeon to watch the suspension scene going on.

I sat down next to cat ears. Well, they were on someone’s head.. But they were the type that moved with your mood. The woman was bubbly, sweet, and had killer makeup on. I guessed she was in her 20’s, she guessed I wasn’t even legal xD turns off she was off by about five years and I was off by about a decade. Regardless we connected and ended up chatting when this little prick came over.

Now, I call him a prick because at this point my patience has warn thin. Then… I was a bit more patient. DJ is a 20 year old pup who thinks he knows everything when he knows absolutely nothing and doesn’t want to hear anyone else’s opinion one way or the other. He walked up to Reese and asked if he could top her.. At which point she pointed at her sir and mentioned bodily harm would come to him if he tried. But she could dominate him.

He tried to argue. A discussion about how you need to learn to Dom from the bottom up ensued… And somehow the whole discussion ended with DJ walking away in a huff and me asking Reese to top me.

She is a lovely switch. And just what I needed that night. I was missing Kane and wasn’t really feeling playing with a man (he had other obligations that evening), and she was just as brutal with me as any man could be in all the right ways.

I think what gets me is I don’t want to be dominated in a femmy way. No stiletto marks on my back or lipstick anyway. I didn’t want to fuck Reese. I just wanted to play. To be pushed. To fly. And so she flogged me. And I discovered that finger floggers are lovely.

Aftercare was sweet and affectionate. She pet me like a kitty.. And if it were at all possible I would have purred. I made a friend at the end of the evening and got invited over for game night at her and her sir’s house, which was wonderful.

She was a good top. Protective. At one point when I was coming down from the high still DJ walked over to us. This is where he is a prick. He just.. Didn’t understand why we hadn’t responded to him while he was trying to talk to us while we were in the middle of our scene. And so he wanted to find out.

The prick touched me, maybe three minutes after we were done with the scene, and was shocked when I hit him with my stiletto and told him to get the fuck away from me. It all happened in a split second. When Reese heard something wrong she flipped around and immediately told him to back off, then tried to educate him. Explain sub high and aftercare, and what happens and why he shouldn’t touch me. He left us alone after that.

So.. Apparently I can be topped by a woman. Happily. And like it. Who knew?

Oh yeah. Cal did. Rawr -.-

More soon, hopefully, when I catch my breath.


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