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Warning: Mush Incoming



What I Love:

Falling asleep in someone’s arms
Sanctuary being a five minute car ride away
Cooking for someone again
The nook
Movie nights
Toleration of trash TV when he knows I’m addicted
Morning snuggles
Morning snuggles that lead into morning sex
Morning snuggles that lead into morning sex that then turn into early afternoon snuggles..
Jingly Bells
Pretty red and black floggers
That look in his eyes…
The VOICE. You know the one..
Toleration of bratty tendencies
Beards long enough to braid and bead
…And sometimes tickle one’s Dom’s nose with.. which leads to threats of being tied to a bed and fucked all evening…
Studio nights
Art debates
Finally meaning “I love you” again.

Mush moment over ^.^


aka one of the luckiest submissives on the planet