The Bay area is my home and my playground.

I’ve frolicked around the kinky and perverted for the last five years, learning and growing along the way.

I’ve discovered I like floggers, whips, knives, fire, rough body play, being human furniture, latex, and a score of other things I didn’t know existed before this journey began.

I’ve cultivated incredible polyamorous dynamics, and even find myself in a nesting polycule for the first time in my life.

I’ve gone from single, living in a shoe-box apartment in SoMA, to a home in Oakland with two partners, one metamour, two kids, and relationships outside of my nesting dynamics that feed my soul.

My gender and sexuality have been turned upside down and dropped on their heads. There is no passing for straight or cisgendered anymore.

My way of living and how I have defined myself have changed radically, and the journey is still far from over.

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